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Tessa Spisak,  BCHHP | FNPL

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner       Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner       Master Certified Life & Wellness Coach       Corporate Wellness Speaker

MY  Mission IS

to provide empowerment, guidance, and sustainable tools to those looking to create lasting change in their lives, improve their physical and/or mental health, or re-develop their lifestyle into one more aligned to what they actually desire.

Through radical self-awareness and understanding of the 'brain + body + spirit' connection, we begin to step into WHO we have the potential to be, and HOW we have to potential to be.

Hello friends!

I'm Tessa Spisak

Here's the short version  --

even if you want to develop an entirely new reality for yourself... you absolutely have the power to do so.

I am unwavering in the belief that the life you desire for yourself is the life that you deserve.

I've also got a hunch that since you're here on my website, you might just believe it to be true, as well.

Whether you know me from a wellness session, saw me in a corporate seminar, have stumbled across my content online, or were referred by a friend, welcome! I'm honored that you are here, and committed to helping you along your journey.

To get little more in-depth   --

As a Board Certified Holistic Health and Functional Lifestyle Practitioner (BCHHP, FNLP) I passionately advocate that our health includes multidimensional aspects of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, intellectual, and financial health.
Addressing the whole person in mind-body-spirit can bring out the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves. To do so, I use  evidence-based methodologies as tools to help people address not only their goals, but also their mindest around those goals. 

With that said, I believe in meeting people where they are and acting as a guide to get them where they want to be.


We find ourselves juggling how to balance our ever-changing life events and daily responsibilities, while trying to navigate the multitude of aspects around keeping the mind and body as healthy as possible, all while trying to maintain a state of abundance and growth. I'm here to give you a bird's-eye view, some clarity, and professional guidance.

(My favorite testimonial regarded their session with me as such, "Imagine getting on a zoom call with a friend who cares about you and just wants the best for you, but also happens to know exactly how to get you to the clarity you were looking for. Tessa is like a tour guide when your brain feels like a maze.")

Ready to Step into Your Ideal Reality?

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